Digital Printing Process

How to submit your digital files for printing

To ensure that we print and finish your project on time or ahead of schedule, we've put together the following digital pre-press directions for you.

If you have any questions about any of the requirements, feel free to contact us at 803.771.4134. Submit your press-ready files to us on disk.

Before you submit your file on disk

File Format. Please save your file as an EPS, TIFF, JPEG, GIF or BMP file.

Supporting files. When submitting your digital file, include all supporting files, such graphics, fonts, as well as a color laser proof. In the case that we need to manipulate your file, link all graphics and save them in a folder on the submitted disk.

Color. Double check that the colors of your graphics are correct. RGB color does not exist in commercial printing, and must be converted into a spot or process color. We will be happy to convert colors for you, but it may affect the turnaround time on your job.

Image quality. If your file contains digital images, make sure they are at as high a resolution as possible. Digital images are great for web use, but print requires high resolution.

Fonts. Include all fonts used (and only those used) in your file in a folder on your disk, including both screen and printer fonts. Doing so can eliminate up to 90 percent of the troubleshooting problems encountered during the printing process. Note: Publisher files must have fonts embedded.

Laser Proof. If possible, submit with your disk a laser proof of your file. Please label colors and final size of the printed material. If we do not have a sample to go by, we assume that your submitted file is correct. If the file is not correct, we may have to make adjustments, which will incur additional costs.

Pre-Press Checklist

  • Print out a laser proof; label colors and finished size.
  • Save file as an EPS, TIFF, JPEG, GIF or BMP file.
  • Save images within your file at a high resolution.
  • Save all fonts and graphics into separate folders on your disk.
  • Remove unnecessary materials from outside your pages or pasteboard.
  • Check that only the colors used are provided, and consistently named throughout the file.
  • Do not apply trap to your file. This is done through our system.

Once your file is press-ready, send or deliver your disk and proof to:

Colonial Printing
419 Huger Street
Columbia, SC 29201